A Youth Stage Version of the Musical, 2002

Adyak Theatre Company, Hungary



Music Andrew Lloyd Webber

Lyrics Tim Rice

Musical Director Angéla Mercs

Choreographer Barbara Bakai

Adaptor and Director Albin Balint

Artistic Director Ilona Várhalmi

Cast Soma O. Szabó, András Rusznák, Éva Kovács, Anita Mózes, Gergő Erdei, Dénes Gere, Gábor Subicz, Dénes Klem, Viktor Klem, Tamás Ács, Dávid Fekete, István Tömöri, Tamás Fige, Balázs Gulyás, Panna Bicsánszky, Hedvig Bódi, Éva Erdős, Viktória Kovács, Orsolya Mile, Csilla Molnár, Enikő Takár, Renáta Tar, Réka Tenki



Jacob had twelve sons. The second youngest, Joseph was his favourite, because he was good and kind, helping his father and family by being a good shepherd in the fields. His brothers resented the way in which Jacob doted on Joseph, their anger grew with each day, but what made them really mad was when Jacob gave Joseph a dazzling coat of many colours...


Since its first incarnation as a school concert back in 1968, JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT has attracted generations of youngsters to musical theatre with its colorful musical re-telling of the well-known Biblical story. In its multiaward-winning youth stage adaptation of Joseph, Adyak Theatre Company attempts to return to the 'origins' of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's piece and reinvent the two-hour-long West End spectacle for the youth stage - just exactly where it is originated from more than three decades ago.


This production was awarded Grand and First Prize, and the Prize for Best Direction by the Hungarian National Festival of Youth Musical Theatre in 2002.


Photographs courtesy of Tamás Krecsmáry