A New Musical

London Fringe Concert Premiere, 2008

King's Head Theatre, London, UK



Plot and Music Tim Saward

Words Tim Saward and Darren Deeks

Additional Material Vahn Fox

Dramaturg Gabriel Gbadamosi

Arranger and Musical Director Matt Winkworth

Animations Kyle Evans

Director Albin Balint

Producer Tim Saward

Cast Marisa Leigh Boynton, Anthony Flaum, Ido Gonen, Glen Joseph, Elena Rossi, Richard Wright


A Toomuchinformation Production



Childhood fantasies sometimes last a person's whole life. Some furries just like anthropomorphic cartoons or dressing up like tigers. Others want something a bit deeper and more adult: more sexy; more yiffy; more taboo. Russ knows he's a furry, but is otherwise clueless. Can he come of age in the furry community, both online and in real life? Is having a second life always a good thing? And how do you deal with the world's wolves?


All the intrinsic comedy of the furry experience meets some serious questions about growing up and the fluidity of sexuality in a decade of easy fantasy in a perky new musical that is unmistakeably contemporary.


Photographs courtesy of The London Photographers