Street Dance Theatre in One Act, 2018

Hungarian Premiere Production

Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre, Debrecen, Hungary



Music Funbasstix Band, Noémi Asztalos (flute), Bence Krajcsi (drums)

Stage and Visual Design Zoltán Gonda, Pál Mohácsi, Balázs Pöstényi

Stylist Dream Style Hair Studio

Artwork Viktor Puzsár

Associate Choreographers Róbert Badacsonyi, János Cseh, Milan Daniel, Zsófia Holopovics, József Kardos, Emese Lévai, Tamás Májer, Patrik Nemes, Roland Pintér, Margit Puksáné Dr. Nagy, Edina Varga, Norbert Zsinka

Director-Choreographer Péter Mika

Creative Producer Albin Balint

Featuring Gergely Farkas ’Geriskillz’, Gergely Máté Kiss, Péter Mika and Patrik Nemes

Appearing Soloists and Dance Companies Eastsiders Hip Hop Dance School, Capoeira Hungria, Carmen TSE (Esztergom), Debrecen Hajdú Folk Dance Ensemble, Medgyessy Ferenc Secondary School, Balázs Pálmai (juggling), Rhythm and Shoes Dance Club, Style Beyond, Szolnok Extreme Sports Association, X-Treme Crew (Szeged), Dóra Veres (Hungarian Dance Academy)



Who hasn’t dreamed of stepping into the limelight and showing on stage what he can do or what he thinks about the world? Nonetheless, what dreams could a young boy truly aim to achieve if his closest parent always stands in his way and grows to become his fiercest enemy? Can Icarus ever take flight if his soul always drags him down into the greyness of his everyday reality? And in spite of all difficulties, what could possibly help this boy to realise and use his power to change the world through his own very special skills and talent?


Teamed up with Debrecen’s acclaimed Eastsiders Hip Hop Dance Company, this brand-new dance theatre piece invited its audience into the captivating world of spectacular urban dance styles, featuring nearly 100 of Debrecen’s most talented dancers and choreographed by the European and World Champion hip hop dancer Péter Mika.


Photographs courtesy of Ilona C. Kiss / Főnix Event Management NPO