A Black Comedy with Music, 2011

UK premiere in association with Camden Fringe Festival 2011

Shaw Theatre, London, UK



Playwright Sylvie Gral

English Translation Thomas Smith-Vaniz

Music & Lyrics Sylvie Gral & Alvin Devolder

Audiovisual Collaborators Alvin Devolder & Otto Banovits

Video Projection Animation William Powers

Assistant Sound Engineer Noel Murray

Lighting & Assistant Stage Manager Rebecca Day

Assistant Director Otto Banovits

Production Designer & Stage Director Sylvie Gral

Producer Albin Balint

Cast Jurgen Schwarz, Thomas Matthews, David Vaughan Knight, Allan Devolder, Sara Mason, Alicia Sutton

Musicians Alvin Devolder, Hedi Bodi, Aurore Picavet


Presented by Albin Balint Productions in association with Camden Fringe Festival 2011



French playwright and composer Sylvie Gral's bitingly absurdist new work, A WATCH IN THE TUNNEL, has a very simple premise: three characters are lost in a tunnel and are looking for their way out, and their hopes are fraught with periodic lapses in desire, conviction and even self-worth. They receive random visits from the tunnel’s quirky inhabitants, who provide them with dubious advice on how to catch the train that runs through the tunnel only once every year. However, as the voluptuous bombshell Suzie enters the scene, their views on matters of life and death suddenly change shape…


Photographs courtesy of Claire Bilyard : Scarab Pictures